Automation and trading for power markets.

Automation and trading for power markets.

Shaping tomorrow's energy, today

At Electricview, we redefine the energy landscape. Dive into a blend of advanced tech and deep energy insights, crafted to supercharge your operations.


import trader

class Algo:

def trade():

About us

Who is Electricview?

Electricview is a dedicated tech entity, specializing in the energy market. Through innovative, automated solutions, we enable energy firms to achieve greater operational efficiency. Central to our mission is the fusion of solid technology expertise with deep energy sector knowledge - a synergy our team showcases.

  • Specialized Expertise
    Focused exclusively on IT solutions tailored for the energy sector.

  • Innovative Solutions
    Analyzed, tested, and automated tools to drive operational success.

  • Adaptive Thinking
    Proactively adapt to align with the ever-evolving energy market.

  • Both Sides of the Spectrum
    A team consisting of tech and energy sector experts.

Unified mission - Be the best at it!


Automation and trading solutions for energy market participants.

Dive into our range of services, designed to innovate and optimize the energy market. Leveraging technology, we offer solutions from advanced algorithmic trading to green energy advancements.


Algorithmic Trading

Venturing into the Nordic and Baltic short-term power markets? We've got your back. As a licensed partner of NordPool, we deliver cutting-edge algorithmic trading solutions. Trust us to maintain and optimize your energy portfolio around the clock, ensuring peak efficiency.


Renewable Production Forecasting

Say goodbye to costly prediction errors. By harnessing live data from renewable units, we enhance the accuracy of your renewable production forecast. Stay ahead and adapt promptly to weather shifts or forecast discrepancies, all while slashing associated costs.


Tailor-made Solutions

Your vision, our expertise. Whether it's pioneering green energy methods, storage optimization, or demand response services – we're equipped to bring it to life. Let's co-create the future of energy.


Guarantee of Origin Management

Climate change is real, and the call to action is now. We assist businesses in making tangible eco-contributions through our Guarantee of Origin portfolio. Step up and make a positive environmental impact with our GoO management services at Rohesert.


We approach energy markets as something that adds to our lives and adds value to world.

Numbers tell a story - they spotlight our impact and dedication. Discover the metrics that underscore our commitment to transforming the energy landscape.



Our journey in energy tech showcases consistent progress and dedication.

99.9% SLA

Systems uptime

Reliability is our hallmark, ensuring our systems are consistently operational and dependable.

1M +

MWh managed

Highlighting our expansive reach and influence, we've handled vast quantities of energy, ensuring seamless operations and optimization for our clients.

“We have never set limitations for Electricview. With our ambitious team at the core, our company's development and growth have been organic. We are driven by delivering solutions that not only provide value and excitement to our partners and their clients but also to ourselves.”

Georg Haud, CEO at Electricview

Our mission

On a mission to empower smart energy management

At the inception of Electricview tech and energy enthusiasts came together with a singular aim: to design a trading system that would simplify tasks for energy market participants, reducing manual labor.

Our deep dive into the energy market revealed an industry often slow to modernize. Processes, which could be automated or streamlined, were still being done manually. Recognizing this gap, we set a clear mission for ourselves: to disrupt the energy sector. By deploying cutting-edge technology, we've been able to offer solutions that are not only more efficient but also more cost-effective.

Our journey in the energy sector has equipped us with significant expertise. With this, our ambitions have grown. Today, our vision includes the full-scale, autonomous management of renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, and hydro, infused with energy accumulation systems.

Electricview is here to lead the way in energy sector modernization, ensuring efficient and sustainable solutions for all stakeholders.


Our people

Meet the talented individuals behind our success. We are driven by innovation and focused on delivering excellence.

  • Georg Haud

    Georg Haud


    CEO & Co-founder

    Georg is the Swiss army knife of Electricview, seamlessly handling company strategy, communications, and daily operations. He also has a history in simulating UGV/UAV/robots within AR environments. But it's not just tech where Georg excels – he is also a five-time Estonian Champion in sailing!

  • Mihkel Abel

    Mihkel Abel


    Partner & Co-founder

    Mihkel's expertise spans from full-stack development to deep dives into the world of business and product development. His analytical and proactive approach to development ensures that every project is both innovative and meticulously crafted.

  • Kristian Kajak

    Kristian Kajak


    Partner & Co-founder

    Kristian has applied his expertise to design software systems for a variety of projects. His experience also extends to AI and machine learning, including computer vision applications. Kristian’s experience showcases a diverse skill set that powers our tech initiatives.

  • Rauno Otsasoo

    Rauno Otsasoo



    Rauno is our in-house energy connoisseur, possessing extensive industry experience. Rauno has expertise in the energy sector, operating with electricity, natural gas and LNG portfolios. His skill set extends to analytics and trading domains, ensuring our business endeavors are both strategic and informed.


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